It Has Been Home For Me

It Has Been Home for Me is a performance commissioned by ‘Dance On’, the Dance Exchange creative aging program, with support from Arts for the Aging, National Endowment for the Arts, and the City of Takoma Park. It premiered on Friday, October 22, 2021 at the Takoma Park Community Center as part of the Takoma Park Arts Series. Learn more on the performance page Dance On Takoma Park — Dance Exchange

Choreographed by Arts for the Aging teaching artist Nancy Havlik and Dance Exchange resident artist Corina Iona Dalzell.

Performance PageInterview with Directors

Directed By:
Nancy Havlik
Corina Iona Dalzell

Performer Collaborators:
Novella Heffernan
Sasha Brucker
Roberta Geier
Judith Bauer
Sherri Weil
Olive Alipit
Jackie Davison
Esther Geiger
Corina Iona Dalzell

Voices of:
Silvia Roberts
Arthur Karpas
Sherri Weil
Jackie Davison
Esther Geiger

Music/Sound Score by:
Manny Arciniega

Video and Editing by:
Denaise Seals

Special Thanks to:
Takoma Park residents who shared their stories.


Nancy Havlik

Nancy Havlik has been directing and choreographing for 30 years. She formed Dance Performance Group  as a vehicle to realize her choreographic vision with a small group of dancers and musicians. Dance Performance group has performed extensively in the Washington area at venues including Dance Place, Shakespeare Theater and Kennedy Center Millennium Stage.  Havlik’s work has been shown in New York at Joyce Soho, WAX and Construction Company and in Eastern Europe. Nancy has directed site work at The National Portrait Gallery, Josephine Butler Parks Center and Sonic Circuits among others. Nancy has been a teaching artist, director of senior improvisation company, Quicksilver and Board member of Arts for the Aging for over 20 years.

Corina Iona Dalzell

Based in Washington, District of Columbia, Corina Iona Dalzell (They/Them) is a dance maker and performer focusing on inclusion and community. Corina‘s original performance work has been produced in Ohio, New York, Washington, and Maine. For more info visit

As a performer, Corina has worked with Bodywise Dance Company, Dance Exchange, Fox Whitney of Gender Tender, Vanessa DeWolf, Rachael Lincoln, PE|Mo, Veronica Lee Baik of The Three Yells Performance Company, and Noelle Chun. Corina supports inclusive arts communities as a creative movement educator serving individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities. They have partnered with Dance Exchange, Bodywise Dance Company, The Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association, PROVAIL, The City of Seattle, The City of Shoreline, Costello Syndrome Family Support Network, and CFC International.

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