On Wednesday, October 21st, Arts for the Aging lost a bright star from our constellation of talented teaching artists and volunteers.  Marge Wydro, 95, had been a member of AFTA’s senior improvisational dance company Quicksilver for more years than we can remember.  Marge stood out in a group of remarkable women for her physical fitness – and most of all, her ability to do the splits, even in her 90s!

Marge was committed to staying active. A retired physical education teacher, she regularly golfed and bowled with friends, in addition to dancing weekly with Quicksilver.  In fact, she was crossing the street to reach her duckpin bowling league when she was struck by the vehicle that took her life.

Quicksilver members reflect on their memories of Marge:

“Marge will always have a special place in my heart. She will of course be remembered as a role model for how to age with style.  I also admire her ability to change. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from her.”

Judith Bauer

“Marge was a very special woman. I admired her strong personality and her delightful sense of life and humor, and I grieve that she was taken from all of us who loved her.”

Betty Shuford

“I loved dancing with our wonderful Marge.  I will miss her so much and will cherish the moments we had together.”

Nancy Harris

We’ll always remember Marge as she was in this video clip, taken from Quicksilver’s 2014 performance at the Atlas Performing Arts Festival, alongside her friend and long-time Quicksilver dancer Ruby Chapman.