Arts for the Aging’s Milonga at the Embassy on October 10, 2019 was a rousing success. The Embassy of Argentina in Washington D.C. partnered with us to co-create programs and celebrate the culmination of a community workshop series in tango for older adults. Since a milonga is a lively style of tango, and it can also mean a party, the embassy event featured live tango activations, ravishing performances, presentation of the 2019 Lolo Sarnoff Founder’s Awards, and a video premiere featuring the workshop series. Click here for photos from event.

At our Milonga by the Lake on September 14, 2019, board chairman Don Wright and Lezley McIlveen hosted friends of Arts for the Aging in their beautiful lakeside home in Virginia for a look-in to the beauty, art, and health of tango, including exquisite performances and tango activations. With multi-cultural roots in African and European immigrant slave populations, and far-reaching music and dance characteristics, the art form is rich with “entry points” — ways to create connection, joy, and healing in Arts for the Aging programs. Below, Liza and Alex Semyonov with Tango Mercurio demonstrate the dance for friends of the organization. Click here for more photos from the evening. Stephanie Williams Images.