Recently Arts for the Aging’s senior dance troupe Quicksilver brought to AFTA’s Founder, Lolo Sarnoff, an arts experience to match the beauty and joy her vision made possible for so many, for so many years.

On a morning this past July, Quicksilver joined the founder in her garden, an oasis of lush greenery punctuated by the angles and curves of her original modern sculptures. To Lolo’s delight the dancers used her works as their inspiration for improvised movement.

Teaching Artists Anthony Hyatt and Nancy Havlik led the dance troupe.  Hyatt said of the experience, “It was a joy to be with Lolo today.  She seemed to really enjoy our program and we all certainly loved sharing our dances with her.  Her enthusiasm and spirit inspired us all.”  Havlik added that it filled her heart with happiness to see Lolo smiling so much.

Photography by Gene Feldman

Did you know that Lolo Sarnoff was also a scientist? An author? Learn more about the visionary who founded Arts for the Aging.

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